Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

Google Does Not Like Facebook?

Social networking site Facebook, the more the world. Many users these social networking sites, from the adults, teenagers and even children. Facilities provided in the facebook and many are very easy to use. Can search for friends, upload photos and even up to the service of advertisers.

Along with the development of facebook to this facility that provides more and not only to search for a friend only, facebook the withdrawal facility also provides a search engine. Many people each day to access the facebook to find ads that they are looking for, this is the cause of development of the nervous google facebook. From the other side google still not be able to give more satisfaction for the user's search engine. For example, when a user searches for information about the hotel, the social networking sites already have a review hotel information and other, more specific. Meanwhile, Google only displays links to the site of the hotel. This is one of the weaknesses such as the google search engine which is said by the Google Group Product Manager, Ken Tokusei, Senin (25 / 5).

Internet users now want to find the information complete and specific. WolmframAlfa as a site search engine in the new launch early this month, he was able to give specific information that combines data with the Internet and analyzes them to provide answers to specific search queries, this is the excess of the WolmframAlfa at sites other search engines .

Meanwhile, Google is also developing tools and services, from the start of the mobile operating system to the online word processor, but it must use 70 percent of employees and resources that have to do so. With what has been done in google at this time for making optimistic Tokusei Ken that his side will always provide some links to pages in the Google search results for more information. Google must feel more work harder to compete with its rivals such as Microsoft and Yahoo, also does not lose more from the embryo of Facebook

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